(Event Option 3)

Description: Tracks the transformative force of the “emblem” as it alters the identity of the wearer (lending courage, desire, or rage). The clothing and icons of war, beauty, and the masquerade. Becoming-unstoppable; becoming-otherworldly.

(Event Option 4)

Description: Follows the many accounts of philosophers, writers, and artists whose visions were tied to the barely perceptible movements of weather. Storms, floods, tremors: an inquiry into how individuals of various times captured their ideas from the chaotic laws of the earth.

(Event Option 5)

Description: Investigates the rumors and legends of those who fell into states of “mania”, allowing a single point of fascination to overturn their existence. What happens to us when we consider all the different kinds of entrancement, passion, adoration, and breathlessness (to live for the sake of just one thing)?