Region/Concept: Outer Space / The Void
Sub-Concepts: Eternity, the Traveler, Gateways
Description: A boundary in space time, around a black hole, that conceals what’s within, and once approached, becomes a point of no return.

Be careful not to fall into the ring in the center of our galaxy, a singularity that acts as a cosmic censorship to the absolute breakdown of the predictability of form and time. An imperceptible gateway that protects the outside observer from the destructive unknown, but entices the traveler as a doorway to eternity. A region in the cosmos beyond which light nor time can escape, a gravitational collapse to such proportions, its only proof of existence is the fiery ring that surrounds it. It is only beyond the event horizon that the traveler can submit his aging mind and body to the cessation of time forever. This could be the paradox of the void beyond the event horizon, a sea of nothingness that stinks of a primordial familiarity and desire to merge with the abyss – to become full to the brim with existence and non-existence. Scientific and spiritual explorations of the singularity’s presence allude to man’s desire to seek divine truth within the universe, a mystic experience to build the bridge – or spaceship, upon which man can cross into the realm of the unknown. The ethereal, terrifying center of the event horizon needs only to be experienced.

Danna Albanyan