Region/Concept: Southeast Asia, Body
Sub-Concepts: Death, Touch, Corpse
Description: Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook conducts conversations with the dead on video.

So gentle in white, these conversations with the dead. Her slow pacing and occasional small gestures—like an inquiring touch of a leg or a downward flutter of the hand to accent a moment of her speech—small waves of affect moving across a landscape of white over bodies, bodies within white. Every black dog was called black and every white dog white. How to draw out the dead in conversation? How long do we think of them and how long do they think of us—do these durations ever touch? Only one man in the village who gave dogs beautiful names, like a word for a very soft fabric. We see corpses everyday in images meant to document, record, perhaps to incite. In case your death was sudden or horrible, with no time to reflect. “Has this class has been too long for you?” she softly asks the dead.

Una Chung