Region/Concept: Everywhere, Violence
Sub-Concepts: Magic, Mechanics, Divinity, Commination, Sacrifice
Description: Traveling troupe of giant marionettes.

A display of ‘technical wizardry’. Magic, they say. The eyes blink when tired. The lungs inflate and deflate in synchronicity. A theatrical procession that appears only where geographical spaces meet with ancient myth. But what if this parade of mechanical marionettes is something other? What if it is a descent to the dirt — a march of divine robotics, rusted limbs bellowing beneath the ‘corpse-colored sky’, sent by likewise mechanical gods as henchmen that must bring the commination upon human and beast? To deliver the threat of divine punishment, of celestial vengeance, if the gods are not fed? Consuming the awe and ignorance of the watchers, they themselves study the air above (see their eyes turned toward the heavens, their brows twisted with doubt), unsure of whether this menacing is sufficient. Yes, they are giant and deliberate molochs — sent to collect the children. And the children, stricken by their enormity, are driven to fear-induced illness — rising temperature, reddened face, dyspepsia — a sacrifice by abdominal fire. In this case, the monster messengers trudge on, slashing the winds and casting down the heavy charge of light and lumber, until each deific belly is full and content.

Link: http://www.messynessychic.com/2015/01/30/the-travelling-troupe-of-giant-marionnettes/