Region/Concept: Global, Flow
Sub-Concepts: Surface, Movement, City, Reality
Description: Swiss digital illustrator Istvan (“Chaotic Atmospheres”) produces “flowing city map” of global urban centers.

Cities are flowing surfaces. We all know that. One inhabits not the city, nor a neighborhood, but the energetic wave itself (so-called urban movement). Still, urbanity is a tiresome term. There is no battle between nature and the city. There is ever only one battle: movement vs. non-movement. For example, illegal immigrants, gangs, the precariously nomadic vs. stroller-pushing corporate inhabitants. These maps show that even this division is artificial though it is constantly implemented. People, goods, forces seep in and out of the city, along lines both visible and invisible. Cities as continually bordering phenomena. Horizontal roots, flowing fibers, extend as a capillary consequence. Orifices emerge only to melt into bright lava. Hence, each image capturing reality can only appear as wind-swept. A rendition, to render: from the Latin “to give back” but also “to melt down.” The only right thing to do to reality.

Dejan Lukic