Region/Concept: North America, Movement
Sub-Concepts: Locomotion, Density, Vibration, Obscenity, Martyrdom
Description: The world’s largest snake orgy.

The snake den — a cool, coiling heap of desperation climbing toward one shared goal: insemination. The search for the one carrier — only slightly larger than the agent itself — resulting in such overwhelming mounting, one upon the other, that the entire snarled mass implodes. Having no eyelids, the snake cannot move in darkness, cannot look away. The collective force of this rhythmic, thirsting delirium does not go unseen. Obscenity here is wrenched from the realm of the ‘bleached’ and ‘transparent’ and returned to the visibly abject. Unlike the dominance hierarchy of the primate, the snake operates without rank. Reproduction — survival — is then awarded to whichever reptile triumphs over the swelling density, pressure, suffocation — the rattling of the sensitive underbelly, the vibration of the predator. There can be only one, in the end. The rest, like the cobra used in ritual suicide by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, become nothing more than a serpentine sacrifice. The tangled martyrs of the frenzy.