Region/Concept: North Africa, Myth
Sub-Concepts: Fear (dread, paranoia), Slaughter, The Grotesque
Description: Installation artist Adel Abdessemed equates artistic creation with butchery and wolves.

Recurring mythologies of the wolf (i.e. its stronghold within the immemorial, the primordial, the ancient, the medieval, the modern and the postmodern), combining animality, beastliness, and ghostliness. Figure of stalking and predation; the nightmare, the fangs, the woods beyond the social (where blood-thirst is the only law). Carnivalesque celebration of the flesh (torn, devoured, crucified); victory of the creature over the creation (a single bite accomplishes the reversal of humanist privilege), amidst the elegant interplay of lacerations and wrenching limbs.


Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh