Region/Concept: Eastern Europe/Adriatic, Space (Indifference)
Sub-concepts: Water, Stone, Flower
Description: Former Communist prison island slowly fades into an archeological site of the future.

The immense water that surrounds it: indifferent. The perfect blueness of the water that competes with the lightness of the sky: indifferent. The stone quarries abandoned (as if the prisoners left for a lunch-break and never came back): indifferent. The lighthouses and the bunkers: indifferent. The rocks, one by one, out of which the winding roads proceed, and buildings rise: indifferent. The torture pit: indifferent. All the materiality of sensation that being-here produces, attests to that enormous feeling of indifference created by the former Stately power. Communists, fascists, Habsburgsā€¦all different temperaments that laid down their teachings in the manner of absurd pedagogy. And yet tiny wild flowers dot the rugged landscape. Where do they come from? Precisely from this indifference which cannot but also lay down seeds that eventually bloom into their own color, their own elated forms, their own stubborn vulnerability. In due course the rocks will disappear, and the weeds will spread in all directions, and no one (not even an archeologist, or a historian, or a pilgrim) will realize that the wild plants won. The stones and the sea are only the background against which they open their protean power onto the world.

Dejan Lukic