Region/Concept: Everywhere, Myth (Counterfeit)
Sub-Concepts: Mimesis, Retrogression, Prosaic, Barrenness, Terror
Description: ISIS “crucifies” rivals to make a point.

This is not poiesis. There is nothing new to see here. For these agents “do not know what they are doing.” They are actors playing a character whose depths exceed their own, except even the characters they play are the abject nobodies that populate dead mythologies. They are clichés—reductive political brutes whose narcissism and greed is only matched by the frenzied media’s insatiable desire to repeat ad nauseam their trite transgressions for the sake of “profit.” So that nobody shall miss their “point,” the agents scrawl a literal message—one absent from any insight, any ingenuity or even a symptom of madness—on poster board with magic markers. They post their own photos to the Internet, along with all of the other attention seeking impostures. As the mortician says in Hassan Blasim’s short story, “Personally I can’t stand the agents who are unimaginative.” This is boring. To repeat: there is nothing new to see here.