Region/Concept: Middle East, Violence
Sub-Concepts: Mutilation, Devouring, the Enemy
Description: Video Interview with Abu Sakkar (Syrian militia fighter captured on video while eating the heart or liver of a dead soldier).

This episode compels one to reflect on the relationship between violence and consumption. It thereby raises the following questions: What are the tremulous repercussions of the one who ingests/internalizes the enemy? How does this intense proximity with the body of the fallen (feeding upon the wound, swallowing the corpse) and the eventual shift towards vampirism reveal an alternative framework of anger or atrocity that deviates from modernity’s increasing strategies of detached, imperceptible, and technologically-mediated killing? What does this cannibalistic performance suggest about the existential contrast between the figure of the militant and the ideology of the state?

Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh