Region/Concept: Middle East, Time
Sub-Concepts: Innocence, Necessity, Unnatural Aging
Description: Photo series of young Syrian boy working in weapons factory.

This episode showcases the involvement of the child in elevated conditions of war: cradle-to-grave fatality. It thereby raises the following questions: How does the state of emergency (revolution, war, famine) thrust the child into a process of unnatural aging, as a still-formless consciousness is told to confront thresholds of mortality far ahead of its years? In what sense is innocence obsolesced by more vicious principles of necessity, velocity, and struggle? How does this accelerated timescape (trapped within the hyper-reality of civil conflict) impact the child’s relation to the surrounding atmosphere and the world of objects and appearances? Is the exhausted face of the boy weapon-maker, one who bathes in the metallic craft of missiles and ammunition, whose face is blackened by the smoke and furnaces of this lethal factory, the ultimate banner of the apocalyptic?

Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh