Region/Concept: Unknown, Violence
Sub-Concepts: Micro-Perception, Stutter, Remix, Aesthetic Combat
Description: Tzechar’s remixes of K-Pop music videos are a lot more than just “kinda trippy.”

What is this intense mode of perception? Inhumanly quick, hyper-sensitive, detailed, precise, and relentless as a machine. And yet there is also a blurriness; it stutters, with a certain personal touch of humor and free-association, like it’s alive. Whatever it is, this is the delirium of seeing and hearing called Tzechar – not much else can be known about its creators (or needs to be). As a remix, it is perfectly suited to the K-Pop aesthetics from which it emerges, as well as the capitalism shimmering across every image and sample. But there can be no question that its powers far surpass those of the already disconcertingly seductive materials it plays with. Tzechar takes the violence of the remix to its extreme, passing from critique to a form of aesthetic combat, weaving and dodging between the frames and beyond the limits of the K-Pop universe. This hallucination generates a different flow of time, a new way of movement, and a sensation perhaps similar to the aura felt by certain epileptics at the onset of a seizure. For those expecting to see a remix paying homage to their favorite song, they might feel anything from confused wonder and suspicion of trolling, to something like what happened in 2008 when hackers embedded seizure-inducing GIFs in a visual epilepsy discussion forum.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpfDFnE4hRc&list=PLLBdrZPgHTyrrXfF_COF1dxx-Ee_3yUz-&index=7

Will Scarlett