Description: Uncovers the counter-history of rebel princes and deviant aristocracy who sabotaged their own riches to seek new forms of power.

INCINERATION. The Emperor Who Burned Down The Capital
SABOTAGE. The Prince Who Joined The Rebels
RENUNCIATION. The Aristocrat Who Disowned His Title
ESCAPE. The King Who Built Castles In The Mountains
CONSPIRACY. The Queen Who Protected The Dark Monk
MADNESS. The Marquise In the Asylum
MARTYRDOM. The Doctor Who Became A Revolutionary
IRRADIATION. The Heiress Who Became An Extremist
SECRECY. The Writer Who Led The Militia
ABJECTION. The Intellectual Among the Addicts
FANATICISM. The Hero In The Folds Of The Cult
TREASON. The Prophet Who Led The Slaves
ABANDONMENT. The Mystics Who Rejected Their God
PARANOIA. The Judge Who Talked To Demons
MANIA. The Officer Lost To The Desert
WASTE. The Philosopher Who Squandered His Fortune
MASOCHISM. The Artist Who Willed Starvation
ANNIHILATION. The Master Who Destroyed Mastery