Region/Concept: Caribbean, Movement (Flight)
Sub-concepts: Citation, Exile, Transport
Description: Novelist and performer Rita Indiana Hernández records lines of flight in the 2010 album El Juidero.

Many ways to flee—from one island to another, from merengue to rock, from Spanish to English. Flight from one Caribbean rhythm to another and from any musical source—Bob Marley, the Eurythmics, Patti Smith—to the songs on this album by Rita Indiana y los Misterios. The title track’s video, reminiscent of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,” focuses on dark deeds carried out in seventies-era clothing. Everything in motion, the lyrics tell us about a real-life move from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, a border-crossing with no shared border. The circumstances of exile are translated into constant movement, translation, and borrowing (that seems more like stealing).

Craig Epplin